Shimano 105 R7170 Di2 12 Speed Groupset Orignal Package

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The new SHIMANO 105 brings Di2 shifting to a new group of riders.

The new SHIMANO 105 brings Di2 shifting to a new group of riders. For those who have only experienced mechanical shifting and ergonomics, SHIMANO 105 Di2 represents a transformation of the road cycling experience.

The Shimano 105 Di2 features hybrid operation. The battery, located inside the frame, the derailleur, and the derailleur are all wired together. Meanwhile, the levers have a wireless operations.

The current Di2 (Digital Integrated Intelligence), as we have commented, lacks cables from the controls, there being a single cable that connects the change and derailleur and battery. This hybrid character (some components connected by cable and others wireless), offers fast and precise changes, with a long battery life and without interference.

The new groupset incorporates an advanced 12-speed transmission, thus having more gears available to improve pedaling efficiency in any situation. An improved interface and ergonomics, achieving a magnificent balance between comfort, aerodynamics and aesthetics.


Changing tables

The ergonomics of the gear levers have been further optimized. It's better to lose your fingers under the shifters and the shifter covers have more grip. It is also easier to assume different hand positions. The travel of the brake levers is adjustable, making the brakes also suitable for riders with smaller hands. In addition, 1.5 mm more difference has been made in the height of the Di2 buttons, for the on and off. This makes it easier to operate the buttons correctly even when wearing gloves or in the cold.

Disc brakes

The disc brakes have also been revised. The Shimano 105 aluminum brake caliper consists of 2 parts and is CNC machined. As with the Dura-Ace and Ultegra calipers, 10% more clearance has been created between the brake pads and brake discs. This has ensured that the brakes cannot or barely apply when you don't brake. Nothing is more annoying than the friction of the brake discs during a climb or in a sprint. In addition, power and braking dosage have been significantly improved.


The shifting speed of the front and rear derailleurs has been significantly increased by 58% and 45% over previous Shimano Di2 derailleurs. And further optimized, especially for better shifting under load. You notice this immediately when standing up or at an acceleration of tempo.


Hyperglide cassettes are available in different ratios. When choosing these ratios, the 'sweet spot' has been included in the 6, 7 and 8 sprockets. The 12-speed allows gears that drive most pleasantly to be maintained at medium speeds despite large ratio differences. The cassettes come with the HG mounting pattern, which is also compatible with all Shimano HG 11-speed bodies.


This Shimano 105 R7100 Di2 Disc groupset only has a connection cable between the battery, front and rear derailleur. Shifting performance has been brought to an even higher level. Not only has your shifting speed increased, you can now shift smoothly while applying power to the pedals. A junction box is no longer necessary, but you can set up and charge the group via the rear derailleur. When the group is fully charged, it can travel about 1000 kilometers. Wireless shifters contain 2 button cell batteries that last approximately 3 years before needing to be replaced.

Brake maintenance

Brake maintenance is simplified. It is possible to bleed the brake without removing the caliper from the frame, thanks to a separate bleed port and rotary valve. A new funnel and spacer to purge the caliper help streamline the purge process.

Shimano DI2 application

All tuning options, such as shift button mapping, shift mode, or shift speed adjustment, can be done via the Shimano Di2 app. The function of the switch buttons can be individually adjusted. Synchro shifting or semi-synchronous shifting in which the front derailleur automatically shifts along the ideal chain line is still possible.



  • SHIMANO 105 Di2 ST-R7170 Hydraulic Disc Brake DUAL CONTROL LEVER Shifters (2x12-speed)
  • BR-R7170 SHIMANO 105 Hydraulic Disc Brake Caliper x2
  • FC-R7100 SHIMANO 105 HOLLOWTECH II Crankset 2x12-speed
  • FD-R7150 SHIMANO 105 Di2 Front Derailleur 2x12-speed
  • RD-R7150 SHIMANO 105 Di2 Rear Derailleur 2x12-speed
  • CN-M7100 SIL-TEC 12S Chain
  • CS-R7101-12 SHIMANO 105 12-speed Road Cassette Sprocket
  • Electric Cable 1200mm EW-SD300
  • Electric Cable 900mm EW-SD300
  • EW-EC300 SHIMANO Charging Connector
  • BT-DN300 SHIMANO Built-In Type Di2 Battery
  • Excluding Disc rotors and BB
  • In original package
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