Rollingstone Ceramic Bearing Bike Bottom Bracket BB86-92 press fit in BB

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  • Model: Rollingstone Prestine BB 86-92 press fit in.
  • Color: red,  black
  • Material: 6061 Aluminum alloy+ ceramic sealed bearings
  • Weight:112g

For Shimano, IXF, Prowheel 24mm-24mm spindle cranksets
For Sram GXP 22-24mm spindle cranksets
For F-S-A 19-19mm spindle cranksets

 Steps to choose the bottom bracket:
1. know your BB shell inner diameter, usually 41mm 42mm 46mm
2. know your BB shell width, 68-92mm
3. know the diameter of the crankset spindle: Shiman.o, IXF, Prowheel 24-24mm, Sram 22-24mm, FS---A 19-19mm, other 30mm.