Shimano Cleats SPD SL SM-SH11

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SPD-SL11 cleats are perhaps the most popular among casual fitness cyclists but are used by a wide range of athletes. They're characterized by a six-degree float range (three degrees in each direction), which allows for free movement and low joint stress. The float’s pivot point is in the centre of the cleat, allowing the toes to point in a wide range of angles. This large float range also provides more room for error when setting up your cleats. If you're new to cycling, experience knee pain, lack flexibility, or simply don’t know where to start, Shimano’s yellow cleats are your best bet.


Compatible with SPD-SL pedals. Nylon Resin Cleat. Non-Slip Rubber Base for Easier Walking. Includes mounting hardware. 6° floating. Compatible with Shimano SPD SL Pedals

Set Contains:

1 x SPRE SH Cleat SPD-SL Float Yellow