ODI Bicycle Sponge Handlebar Grips

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  • Strong function to absorb sweat, hands not easily slipped to effectively ensure ride safety
  • Material: The sponge sleeve is light in weight, shock-absorbing and non-slip, and has a large frictional force, which can effectively slow down the fatigue of the hands during riding.
  • Application: Bicycle, mountain bikes, road bikes, folding bike and other 22mm handlebar bikes
  • Advantage: It is more suitable for summer and winter, avoiding the disadvantages of other rubber sleeves being hard and cold in winter and too hot in summer
  • Relieve your fatigue and hands pain for long-distance cycling


  • Brand: ODI
  • Length: About 128.70mm
  • Width: About 34.33mm
  • weight: About 88.30g
  • Material: Aluminium alloy-locking ring, Main part-sponge.
  • Characteristics: The hardness suitable for riding punches and steering control
  • Installation method: Wet hands with water is easy to install, and after drying automatic fastening sets before they can use bicycles.
  • Performance: This suer soft sponge grip is from a high-density elastic set of disposable foam sponge.
  • Fits for bicycles handlebar tube internal diameter approximately within 22mm