KMC X12 12 Speed Chain

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The X12 Silver 12-speed chain exhibits KMC's ability to design a value-conscious component that retains many of the technological advances of their top-tier chains. Each outer plate features KMC’s X-Bridge technology, a special plate design that aids in smooth, fast, and precise shifting. Both inner and outer plates feature chamfered edges which improve both shift performance and chain articulation. Beyond performance features, KMC’s mushroomed riveting technology increases pin strength resulting in a stronger chain. The X12 Silver also features a nickel-plated finish which boosts both wear and corrosion resistance. The KMC X12 Silver is silver in color, includes a missing link connector, and is compatible with SRAM and Campagnolo 12-speed drivetrains.


  • The Non-Directional design allows for maximum compatibility. The X-Bridge system on the outer plate is configured with precisely articulated angles for quicker and smoother gear shifting, and quieter riding
  • This chain is compatible with 12x Campagnolo, Shimano and Sram MTB. They are not compatible with Sram road groups, this is due to a difference in pin length
  • Half Nickel Plated (Silver)
  • Double X Durability
  • Includes non-reusable 12x Missing Link
  • Weight: 268g (126 links)