Elilee Mobius OPWS Oversized Pulley Wheel System

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Mobius is a new generation of Elilee oversized pulley wheel system which has made many breakthroughs in technology.


  • Spiral Galaxy: ELILEE's exclusive pulley wheel structure
  • More established NTPT carbon fiber technology, new upgraded carbon fiber injection technology
  • The new silicon nitride ceramic bearing is only 40% of the weight of the previous zirconia ceramic bearing
  • Weight: 45 grams, every titanium alloy screw provided by S-PARTS
  • Sapphire Dust cover makes it has Outstanding water-resistant cleaning structure
  • Number of teeth:13T on the top,14T on the bottom
  • Fit for rear derailleur: Shimano R8000,R8100,R9100,R9150,R9250 Series
  • Two-year warranty

Spiral Galaxy: ELILEE's exclusive pulley wheel structure

The classic patented technology will still be applied to the new generation of Elilee OSPW. When the chain works with the pulley wheel this construction will give customers a unique visual experience when running and rotating. In addition, this technology avoids having to replace bearings when replacing worn pulley wheels by fixing their bearings directly to the NTPT carbon fiber plate.

More established NTPT carbon fiber technology

After two upgrades (Elilee Titan has been upgraded once before), the new version of the Mobius guide plate will be accompanied by a unique and more refined NTPT appearance.

Upgraded carbon fiber injection technology

After many accumulations of technology and experience, we have solved various problems caused by the immaturity of 3D printing technology by using the technology of carbon fiber injection after mold opening on the pulley wheel. As a result, the carbon fiber pulley wheel can achieve a delicate appearance that cannot be achieved by the carbon fiber technology in the past while maintaining the advantages of lightweight and low noise compared with the metal material.

The P5 level automatic lubricating bearing system has been fully upgraded

In the Titan oversized pulley wheel system, the inner and outer rings of the bearing, the bearing balls, and other parts are all made of zirconia. However, after many accumulations of technology and experience, we have successfully used silicon nitride material on ELILEE Titan AXS OPWS, insisted on applying this material to Mobius, and successfully developed a new gear combining nitriding and carbon fiber injection technology. 

The new silicon nitride ceramic bearing is only 40% of the weight of the previous zirconia ceramic bearing. But it can achieve weight reduction while maintaining the same automatic lubrication function as before, thus ensuring the high performance of the bearing itself. Naturally, however, the cost of this new material with innovative design and performance has also increased compared to the zirconia bearings of the past. 


Elilee's new product reduces the proportion of metal materials by using carbon fiber materials as much as possible, thereby producing lighter guide wheels, bearings, and guide plates, and further reducing the weight from the old model's 54g by nearly 20% to 45g. We want to thank S-PARTS for their tremendous support because every screw on our Mobius comes from the titanium alloy screws provided by S-PARTS. 

 A new design of chain guard

The overall weight of the Mobius has been reduced, and it has carried out a new design for the chain guard so that it can run more smoothly and stably than the old model. After such a technical upgrade, even in the face of bad road conditions and bumps and shakes in the future, the probability of the chain falling off will be greatly reduced. The accuracy of shifting will also be improved in the face of intensive changing gears.

Lightweight, stable and accurate, this is the new Mobius oversized pulley wheel system.

Outstanding water-resistant cleaning structure

 When almost all other similar products warn you not to use a high-pressure water gun to clean the bearings, we tell you: "please clean it with confidence!"

The silicon nitride technology adopted in the Mobius rear derailleur guide system can automatically reduce the invasion of dust. In addition, with Elilee's unique patented structure and high-precision sapphire shaft cover, the daily cleaning of the new Elilee Mobius only needs a water gun to wash the dust. 

(It is recommended to use dry chain oil to avoid contaminated sludge entering the bearing and affecting the rotation. No need to add lubricating oil inside the bearing.)