Cylion Lubricating Grease For Bicycle

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[Name]: Cylion Lubricating Grease for Bicycle
[Product No.]: P05-01
CYLON Lubricating Grease for Bicycle represents Cylion's most advanced bearing lubrication technology. It 
is a high-quality mineral grease developed from extensive research on the drive train and transmission system of sports bicycles combined with the manufacturing technology of grease in Formula 1 racing. The antioxidant additives make it resistant to high temperatures and mechanical wear even under heavy loads. It is recommended for precision parts and especially bearings. And this grease is perfect for those seeking a significant drop in friction and maximum protection against extreme pressures and extreme rotational heat. It also works great on derailleur pivots, stanchions, and gaskets, pedal springs, and as a 'clean' alternative to conventional anti-seize compounds. No matter how hard or long you ride, Cylion Lubricating Grease will provide the lubrication your bearings require.