Bellelli Pepe Bicycle Mounted Child Bicycle Rear Seat

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Bellelli Pepe is approved rear bike seat  complying with the European Regulation EN 14344, certified for children weighing up to 22 kg / 48.5 lbs.

  • Made in Italy, exclusively with certified non-toxic plastic.
  • Lightweight, resistant and washable frames.
  • Ventilation holes located at shoulders and back.
  • Easy-on/easy off the bike.
  • Can be switched from one bike to another in seconds.
  • Designed with the most advanced safety and comfort features like:
  • reclined angle for the neck plus ergonomic shoulders support
  • high sideboards to increase support and containment
  • wider and safer legs/feet side protection
  • childproof, parent-friendly safety buckle, with two depth settings in the center of the seat. Only one hand is needed to fasten and release it.
  • broad footrests height-settings range.

Bellelli Pepe can be used  with two different mounting systems:

  1. on  the bike frame (Pepe Standard)
  2. on bike carrier (Pepe Clamp). Compatible with carriers conforming to ISO 11243 - 120 to 175 mm. Now also fitting wider carriers -190 mm (E-BIKE: compatible up to 190 mm).