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Designed with the legendary Black Chili rubber compound, the Continental Grand Prix 5000 road bike tyre boasts a 10-gram weight reduction in a 25c width, a 12% reduction in rolling resistance and a...
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Continental Grand Sport Race Tire Proven racing tire contour Why choose this tire Proven racing tire contour for responsive handling and secure grip. Race: Performance in tours and competitions...
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Continental bike tubes are constructed of durable butyl rubber and are 100 percent inspected to ensure quality. The tubes are seamless and vulcanized for uniform roundness and improved reliability...
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Why choose this tire For your way off-road. For more comfort. For the adventure. Be it the long tour, or the shortcut on your way home. Made to get you over rough and smooth. Handmade for Yo...
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The advanced new compound Based on activated silica compounds, this technology was originally intended as a performance level compound, but after intensive development at our Korbach Research and D...