RideNow 700×18-32C Road Bike Inner Tube Presta 36g

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The RideNow bike inner tube provides all the benefits of TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) — superior puncture resistance, a low weight, and a compact size. The  RideNow bike inner tube outstanding resistance against cuts and punctures is the result of a specific TPU formulation tailored to gravel riding. The goal of the  RideNow bike inner tube was to obtain the highest protection possible without affecting weight and compactness — and let's just say that goal was obtained. It's truly the ultimate solution for cyclists that take long, remote rides or multi-day backpacking trips. The low weight and compact size of the tube are crucial when packing water, food, and extra clothing. On top of that, you never want to be in the middle of the wilderness without a spare tube to get you back home.

RideNow tube for the road: Ready for disc brakes and rim brakes, Tubo-Road easily fits tires with 18 to 32 mm width. Compared to standard butyl tubes you’ll save almost 70 g of rotating weight per wheel. The puncture protection is equally outstanding: RideNow is 2X more resistant to punctures than a standard butyl tube.

Reduction of rotating mass:70 gram per tire double strength compared to standard butyl tubes


  • Up to 68% Lighter than a conventional butyl tube
  • 55% Lighter than a conventional butyl tube
  • 2x more robust at puncture test
  • Valve length: 45,65,85mm
  • Valve Type: Presta
  • Material: TPU
  • Weight: 36g