Rassine Aluminium Bicycle Training Rollers Bike Trainer

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- Higher Security
he trainer made by high-precision numerical control machining., used to guarantee the roller's dynamic balance. The distance between roller and floor is only 9.5CM, make the rider feel much smooth and safe.

- Higher Flexibility.
The trainer uses indoor, so we can train anytime in any weather, use the trainer can help you control the intensity of training, make the train useful.

-Better Pre-match warm-up Equipment.
Before the match, especially like climbing and time match, the trainer can make the body warm-up and relax, reach a better state. And after match, use the trainer can do the cooling training, to relieve fatigue.

-Convenience and Generality.
The trainer's weight is only 6.2kg and can fold in three-section, make the volume very small, can easily put in a storage room or the trunk of the car. You even can take it to any place you like to ride, and this trainer can regulate the distance between rollers, so make every style bike can ride on it.

- Better Riding Experience.
The roller trainer relies on the rider to control the balance, so simulate a riding environment like ride on the road

- Better Material
The roller trainer made by high strength Aluminium alloy, every link use stainless steel screw, control the product's weight and improve the strength and durability.

-Higher Cost Performance
Our roller trainer can fit in any style of bike, and this product use by the professional athletes in half a year to do the training, no any quality problem, and compare the similar products like made in Japan, Italy and Netherland, our price is less than 50% of their price.

The way to get on/off the bike.

-Get on the bike: left leg steps on the footboard, right leg crosses the bike step on another side of the footboard, sit on the cushion( Rookie better to put the cushion lower), then start the ride, image ride on the road, and keep relax.

- Get off the bike: No brake, stop the ride, and waiting the wheel became slow or stop, put one leg step on the floor

  • Weight: N.W 7.8KG / G.W 8.5KG
  • Maximum load:150KG
  • Product Length:1325mm
  • Package Size:430*180*710mm
  • Material: Aircraft aluminium, Engineering Plastics
  • Application: 16-29 inches of various models