RACEWORK 3D Printed Bicycle Saddle Cycling Seat

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RACEWORK 3D Printed Saddle Beehive Structure Hollow Racing Folding Road MTB Bike Comfortable Saddles Honeycomb Cushion

Product name:3D Printed Saddle
TPU 3D printing + 30 chrome molybdenum steel

Weight:about 277g


1. Saddle excels at pressure relief,Cushioning,and lightness
2.3D printing technology can finely adjust the hardness and stretch ability of each area,which means that support and comfort are perfectly balanced on a piece of material,and its transition is gradual and natural
3. High definition tick mark,the steel bow is marked with ascale,which can be adjusted according to the stting posture
4. Enlarged hollow-out design can make you morecom fortable and more breathable when riding
5. It is made from premium polymer materials,which is lightweight and highly durable
6. The bike saddle adopts honeycomb structure that offers more balanced weight distribution so you ii always feel comfortable