Magicshine Windbreaker Polarized Cycling Sunglass

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WINDBREAKER,The MAGICSHINE's professional cycling sunglasses series with extraordinary optical clarity, is tailored for professional cycling and daily commuting activities.


Features at a Glance:

  Wraparound PC Lens: Provides complete eye protection.
  UV400 protection: Impact-resistant lenses for 100% UV protection.
  TR90 Frame: Ultralight and elastic frames made of TR90 and TPR materials.
  Ventilation Design: Quickly enhance air circulation to avoid fogging and reduce wind resistance
  Anti-slip Temple Tips
  Adjustable Nosepiece
  Smudge-resistant Coating: Keeps dirt and oil off your lenses.
  Front REVO Coating: Restore the original color, enhance contrast and provide visual clarity.
  Back OAR Coating: Optimum anti-glare experience.
  Polarised Lens: Improve contrast, increase clarity and eliminate glare so you can see more details.



MODEL NAME Classic Models Polarized Models Photochromic Models
Lens material PC PC polarized PC photochromic
Frame material TR-90 + TPR TR-90 + TPR TR-90 + TPR
Frame style frameless frameless frameless
REVO+OAR+smudge-resistant coating ×
Ventilation design
Anti-slip temple tips
Adjustable nosepiece
Ergonomically curved frame
Stylish look
Polarized × ×
Photochromic × × Cat.1-Cat.3
Weight 29g 29g 29g
Dimensions 145*151.73*63.09mm 145*151.73*63.09mm 145*151.73*63.09mm
Application normal strong sunlight all-weather