Magene Exar Road Bike Carbon Wheels

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EXAR wheels are a new generation of carbon fiber road wheels produced by Magene.


Super high-cost performance, it is a rare weapon for your road bike.


Item Name EXAR Carbon Wheel
Model RB45 RB58 DB58
Rim Height  45mm 58mm 58mm
Weight 1480g 1610g 1640g
Rim Outer Width 27mm
Rim Inner Width 20mm
Rim material T700
Brake  Rim Brake  Rim Brake Central Lock Disc Brake
Front wheel spoke tension 100kgf±5% 100kgf±5% 100kgf±5%
Rear wheel spoke tension 100kgf±5% Driving side,100kgf±5%
Non-Driving Side  120kgf±5%
Front Spoke knitting method 16 hole straight pull  16 hole straight pull  24 holes 2:1,
driving side*2,
braking side*2
Rear Spoke knitting method 21 holes 2:1, driving side*2,
non-driving side straight pull 
21 holes 2:1, driving side*2,
non-driving side straight pull 
 24 holes 2:1,
driving side*2,
braking side*2
Spoke specification 2.2mm*1.2mm; 4.6g/PC 2.2mm*1.2mm; 4.6g/PC 2.2mm*1.2mm; 4.6g/PC
Rim Structure Front non-Eccentric rims;
rear Eccentric rims
Non Eccentric Rims Non Eccentric Rims
Opening Size 100/130mm Quick Release 100/130mm Quick Release 100/142mm thru-axle
( can all equip with 100/135mm Quick-Release)
Cassette Body Standard equipped with Shimano 11 speed (CP/XDR cassette body needs to be purchased separately)
Compatible Cassette Shimano 8-11 speed, SRAM 8-12 Speed( for 12speed, need to buy XDR cassette body separately),
Campagnolo 8-12 speed ( all need to buy CP cassette body separately),
Sensah 8-11 speed (12 speed can assist disc brake, not rim brake)
Compatible Frame 130mm Quick Release Rim Brake, 142mm Thru Alex Disc Brake,
135mm Quick Release Disc Brake ( Need to buy an adapter separately)
Contents in Box  A pair of carbon wheels(equipped with tire cushions), an Instruction manual, a pair of quick-release,
a set of braking blocks for carbon wheels, a 10-speed wheel gasket
Warranty 2 Years