iGPSPORT iGS520 GPS Cycling Computer

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Product Overview

2.3-inch FSTN Dot-matrix screen, provides more than 80 items of data to choose from, single page maximum display 8 data; accurate positioning, support GPS + Beidou mode; large battery capacity, battery life up to 45 hours; Bluetooth and ANT+ transmission protocol, support power meter, richer data display; waypoint navigation; cloud platform provides cycling data sharing and more detailed analysis.


The new direction of scientific and technological aesthetics, through strict ergonomic verification, is easier to operate.

iGS520 uses a 2.3-inch FSTN Dot-matrix screen for the first time, powerful custom data page, provides more than 80 items of data to choose from, each page can set up to 8 items, data display settings, whatever you want.


AGPS assisted satellite search function, using ephemeris records, faster positioning, if you want to search satellites faster, you must remember where the satellites are.

Bluetooth 5.0 supports multi-channel data transmission, faster and more stable.

With the latest iGPSPORT APP, it can realize the function of calling SMS reminders, work and life training are correct, and important calls are not missed.

The page configuration can also be carried out through the mobile APP, and the operation is more concise. 

ANT+ fully supports sensor connection, support, speed, cadence, heart rate monitor, power meter.

IPX7 complies with international industrial grade standards, so you can ride with peace of mind even on rainy days.

Supports synchronization of Strava and Trainingpeaks software.

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