DT SWISS 700c Road Bike Carbon Wheels (CRC 1100 SPLINE)

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These DT SWISS road bike wheelsets are our owen assembled by the original DT swiss rims and Hubs.

  • Rim Brand: DT swiss CRC 1100 SPLINE
  • Hub:DT swiss 350 straightpull(or 240 straightpull), for disc brake is centre lock type,We deliver you randomly.
  • Rim height: 38mm
  • Spokes: aero type
  • Include: carbon brake shoes(rim brake),Tire tap,quick release(rim brake)
  • Not Include: Disc rotor(disc brake wheels)


  • 38mm height rim brake wheelsets:1.65kg
  • 50mm height rim brake wheelsets:1.70kg
  • 38mm height disc brake wheelsets:1.74kg(not include disc)

Buy the disc rotors


Rim detail:The CRC 1100 SPLINE is the perfect wheelset for all those cyclocross fanatics who are out there racing every weekend from October to February. The CX-specific tubular carbon rim has a 240s hub and SINC ceramic bearings to combine reliability and outstanding performance in heavy-duty cyclocross use. As this wheel is extremely lightweight and reactive, rapid acceleration and jumping over obstacles will be even more fun the next time you hit the track.

Hubs: Whoever is looking for the most affordable high-performance hubs available, should take a very close look at the 350 hub line-up. The same performance as its even higher-end cousins comes with slightly less weight optimized parts to offer the same reliability at a much lower cost. Available in all standards and for any application, the 350 hub is for those who like riding the trails a little more than drooling over catalogues and specs.